Newsflash Week 18

Sporting Update

This week has seen Gateacre School take part in a number of competitions where we have been very successful.

The Year 8 Boys Indoor Athletics team of; Ethan Stopford, Michael Jones, Harvey Strachan, Mikey Caldwell, Thomas Webster, Elliot Murphy, Ryan Lockyer and Harry Sweeney are now Liverpool City champions, having won the entire competition beating every other school in Liverpool.  A great achievement and something that we are very proud of.  The boys now move onto the County Finals in March.

Boys Indoor Athletics



The Key Stage 4 Badminton Team have also done well. And, directly from Mr Langford, who spends a vast amount of his time along with the rest of the PE staff ensuring that there are opportunities for sport and leisure beyond 3:15 for all the pupils:-

“Well done to James Guy, Joe Baker, Wayne Robinson and Cameron Murphy for their hard work and commitment when representing the school for the past 4 years in the badminton team. They have won or finished runner up in South Liverpool every year they have participated and have made it through to the county finals twice (in year 9 and year 11).  "They finished third today in the group stages of the county finals, narrowly missing out on the semi final draw.”

badminton 1

After school clubs

Please note that we have an extensive range of activities every single night after school from football to trampolining to gardening club and art.  We also have extensive ICT facilities available beyond 3:15 for people who need to complete work or have access to a computer and may not have one at home.

Currently Year 11 and 13 are into countdown mode for their final GCSE and A Level courses and again teachers have made themselves available after 3:15 to help support and give guidance.

There is plenty on offer and there is always something to do.

PH2 (Politeness, Honesty and Hard work)

We are now towards the end of the second week of the new policy and I hope that you are starting to see a difference at home.

What became very clear early on last week and this week, is just how little homework children were completing and what an issue punctuality to lesson was.  The initial number of pupils being given a Level 1 for these two things was quite worrying, however in a similar way to when I introduced the Redline, the pupils have begun to respond in a fantastic manner and, in a school of over a 1000 pupils, there may be only 50 pupils who have not completed a piece of homework on any given day.  Whilst those who are late has also dropped considerably from well over 100 down to 20 /30 pupils.  Again, this number was less than that on Thursday.

The overall numbers for detentions has begun to significantly reduce, the aim is always that we do not have anyone remaining after school for detention. I would much rather they were involved in an after school club, doing revision or using our facilities after school to complete any work they had, including any homework.

Ultimately, the aim of what we are trying to do is to instil good learning habits so that together we can make Gateacre the successful school it should be.

Mr J Roberts




Forthcoming key dates for your diary

3 Feb   6th Form Mock Results

9 Feb NY Trip Year 11

14 Feb Y11 Parent Eve 3:30pm–6pm

14 Feb   Y9 Options Eve 6:30pm

14 Feb   Careers Fair 1pm – 5pm

20 Feb to 25 Feb HALF TERM

7 Mar 6th Form Open Eve 4pm-6pm

28 Mar   Y9 Parent Eve 3:30pm – 6pm


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