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End Of Term 2 Newsletter - posted 23rd Mar

As the end of term approaches I would like to re-affirm that school will finish at 3:05pm on Friday 23rd March and we re-open again on Monday 9th April at the normal time of 08:00.  All pupils should be in school by 08:40am, lessons start at 08:45am prompt!

As stated in previous Newsflashes that I hope you have had time to read we had a very positive Section 5 inspection back in October which demonstrates the hard work and effort by both pupils and staff in improving the education provision here at Gateacre.  The HMI inspection was closely followed by an inspection by School Improvement Liverpool to look at the provision for our Most Able pupils which highlighted the impressive practice taking place in lessons across all subjects visited in February.

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Headteacher's Newsflash 16/03/2018 - posted 16th Mar

Our Choice Of Words

The way that we use our language with young people can have a huge impact on them.  We can build up their self-esteem, improve their confidence and make them believe they can achieve anything they want.  Equally, our comments as teachers, parents and carers can have the reverse effect.

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Headteacher's Newsflash 09/03/2018 - posted 9th Mar


As you will be aware, Thursday saw lots of schools shut due to the inclement weather.  A decision to close a school is never an easy one and is never taken lightly - I decided that we were going to remain open.  The weather reports from a number of sources all stated that the snow would stop, the temperature would rise and that we would get back to more Spring-like weather.

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Gateacre Heroes on film - posted 23rd Feb

We are luckily have a team of year 11 heroes embedded into Gateacre School. With training and support from Humanutopia alongside Gateacre staff, they have been fully trained & inspired to help support their peers at Gateacre School, mainly with breaking down any barriers that may prevent students involved from having a successful future and happy life.

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Cracking the Code - posted 21st Feb

During February, Gateacre School were very fortunate to receive an outreach visit from Bletchley Park.

This included 5 hours of practical codebreaking workshops led by Natasha, with a range of classes throughout the school day in our mathematics departments.  

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Headteacher's Newsflash 09/02/18 - posted 9th Feb

Why are we trying to improve attendance?

You will already be aware by now that, as Headteacher of your child’s school, I talk about school attendance on a regular basis.

We are at a stage this half term where our whole school attendance has rarely been above 90% for any day of the week.  That is very poor.  I know that there are lots of flu, sickness and vomiting bugs around this time of year and that can affect the level of attendance.  I also know that sometimes children can try to stretch the time off by a day or two as well. I know this because I was one of those children.

I also know that many of you are totally committed to your child having the very best education and you are doing the correct thing as a parent by making sure your child is not contagious anymore (for those off with flu symptoms and vomiting).

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Headteacher's Newsflash 02/02/18 - posted 2nd Feb

Making a change is difficult

I hope that you received your child’s attendance certificate for the Autumn Term last week, the purpose of which is to give you a clear understanding of your child’s attendance and for you to be able to spot any possible errors so we can correct them.

What some parents may also notice is that for some children there is an obvious pattern of non-attendance.  Schools are directed to inform parents that it is their lawful duty under the Education Act to ensure regular attendance which we believe is anything above 95% although we have an aspirational target of 97%.  It is my belief that we will achieve this but it will be hard, it will be difficult and I know through bitter experience that some parents will become upset with me when I have to highlight when attendance is not good enough.

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Headteacher's Newsflash 26/01/18 - posted 26th Jan

Gateacre School Tops Performance Tables

As you may have seen, DfE performance tables have been released for A Level, Vocational and GCSE results.

We were very pleased to see that Gateacre School was the top school in Liverpool for 16-18 Progress in both A Level and Vocational tables.

This is a result of the hard work and effort by our pupils last year in their Y 13 studies and the excellent teaching from staff.

A reminder that our 6th Form Open Evening is on Thursday 1st March.


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