Meet the Staff

  • Mrs K. Cleary (Subject Leader)
  • Mrs M. Ferraiolo
  • Mrs C. Graham
  • Miss H. Kilner (2nd in Dept)
  • Mrs M. King
  • Mrs C. Melhuish (Whole School Literacy Co-ordinator)
  • Mr C. Murray
  • Mrs S. Worthington

Key Stage 3

Key stage 3 English focuses on three key areas: reading, writing and speaking and listening. Students read a wide range of novels, plays (including Shakespeare), poetry and a variety of non-fiction texts. We focus on reading for meaning and developing understanding and awareness of the writer’s craft. We also try to develop research and study skills. Students develop their communication skills through group discussion, presentations and drama activities. They are required to write for a range of purposes and audiences.

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GCSE (Key Stage 4)

We follow EDUQAS GCSE English and EDUQAS English literature courses.

Students develop skills in:

  • Functional English
  • Reading for meaning
  • Reading for pleasure
  • Understanding the writer’s craft
  • Presenting information for a variety of audiences and purposes
  • Communicating ideas in a spoken context

A Level (Key Stage 5)

We offer two Advanced level courses:

  • AQA English Language
  • EDUQAS English Literature

English Language

English language is a popular and successful choice of A-level at Gateacre. At AS, students study and explore the fundamental structures and functions of writing, speech and conversation and how language functions in different social contexts. At A2, the course involves exploring child language acquisition and how the English language has developed and changed from 1700 to the present day. Students also produce their own language investigation on a topic of their choice, along with writing suitable for publication in a newspaper or magazine.

English Literature

A Level English Literature is also a popular and successful course at Gateacre. Students study a range of texts from English literary history covering a number of periods and genres. Assessment comprises both coursework and examinations, encouraging students to develop independent research and thinking skills.

The AS Course covers:

  • Poetry post –1900
  • Drama post-1990
  • Prose study 1800-1945
  • Creative reading

The A2 Course has three additional components:

  • Period & Genre study coursework
  • Critical reading & Poetry
  • Shakespeare and related Drama

Extra Curricular Activities

  • KS3 Creative writing group
  • Theatre visits arranged throughout the year
  • GCSE revision workshops with WJEC Chief Examiner for English
  • A Level revision workshops in association with The University of Liverpool

Our Recent Successes

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