Welcome to the History Department. Students find History interesting, challenging and enjoyable. Whilst History is about understanding the past it develops life skills that are vital for our young people; analysing; researching; communicating; persuading; evaluating; and decision making. History enables us to understand yesterdays, todays and tomorrows world.

Meet the Staff

  • Mr S. Hardisty (Subject Leader)
  • Miss K. Johnston (2nd in Dept)
  • Mr C. Jones
  • Miss L. Quinn (Head of Einstein House)
  • Mr J. Fairclough

Key Stage 3

Students study a broad range of thematic questions that incorporate Britain, European and World History. These include:

  • How did Britain become a demorcracy?
  • What problems has religion caused?
  • How has migration affected British society?
  • How has crime and punishment changed?
  • How have people been denied their civil rights?

To view our Key Stage 3 long term programme of study click here


History in Years 10 and 11 is very popular Students study international relations 1900 to 1939 and the USA and Germany in the 1920’s to 1930’s. Topics include: the causes of the World Wars; prohibition in the USA; and an aspect of British History 1914-45.

AS/A2 Level

A significant proportion of students opt to study History in the sixth form. Topics include:

  • The collapse of Tsarism
  • The development of anti-Semitism in Germany
  • Britain 1865-1915.

Extra-curricular activities

The department has organised a number of trips in recent years to Berlin, Poland and Holland. Students have also had the opportunity to attend whole day conferences to support A Level and GCSE studies. We have also had the privilege of organising a Holocaust study day during which Jack, a holocaust survivor, discussed his experiences with our students.

Our Recent Successes

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“I’ve always enjoyed the topics...the teachers push you to get the highest grades possible.”
Holly, A Level student

“I like the lessons. It is fun. There are debates and get the opportunities to work together.”
Andreau, GCSE student