Welcome to the History Department. Students find History interesting, challenging and enjoyable. Whilst History is about understanding the past it develops life skills that are vital for our young people; analysing; researching; communicating; persuading; evaluating; and decision making. History enables us to understand yesterdays, todays and tomorrows world.

Meet the Staff

  • Mr S. Hardisty (Subject Leader)
  • Miss K. Johnston (2nd in Dept)
  • Mr C. Jones
  • Miss L. Quinn (Head of Year 9)
  • Mr J. Fairclough

Key Stage 3

Students study a broad range of thematic questions that incorporate British, European and World History. These include:

• Year 7: The Romans: 753bc- c.440 ad
• Year 7: England c1000-1500
• Year 8: England c 1485-1745
• Year 8: Britain 1750-1900 (including the Slave Trade)
• Year 9: The causes of the First World War
• Year 9 The Holocaust
• Year 9 Germany 1918-39

To view our Key Stage 3 long term programme of study click here



History in Years 10 and 11 is very popular.

Students study Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-39.

Medicine through Time c1250-Present. Elizabethan England, 1558-1588.

Superpower relations, 1941-1968.


AS/A2 Level

A significant proportion of students opt to study History in the sixth form. Topics include:

• Germany 1918-45
• The Tudors 1485-1603

Extra-curricular activities

The department has organised a number of trips in recent years to Berlin, Poland and Holland. Students have also had the opportunity to attend whole day conferences to support A Level and GCSE studies. We have also had the privilege of organising a Holocaust study day during which Jack, a holocaust survivor, discussed his experiences with our students.

Our Recent Successes

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“I’ve always enjoyed the topics...the teachers push you to get the highest grades possible.”
Holly, A Level student

“I like the lessons. It is fun. There are debates and get the opportunities to work together.”
Andreau, GCSE student