Religious Studies

We are a dynamic, forward thinking and modern department. As one of the school’s specialist subjects our work is celebrated across the LEA. At key stage 4 the majority of students study a very successful full GCSE course, the remainder following a short course. RS is also popular at ‘A´ Level, with students attaining ‘outstanding’ results.

Our department is fully inclusive, having teachers of different faiths and none. Similarly, we don’t assume students come to Gateacre with any particular faith or endorse any one. Our aim is to broaden student’s minds by giving them the chance to:

  • Learn about different beliefs, values and the concept of spirituality
  • Reflect on their own beliefs and the reasons they hold them
  • Develop respect for the right of others to hold beliefs different to their own.
  • Consider concepts of right and wrong and how they make their own values
  • Investigate a range of contemporary moral and religious issues
  • Understand the relationship between belief, culture and society.

Meet the Staff

  • Mrs J. Sims (Teacher in charge of RS)
  • Miss N. Clarke

Year 7

Year 7 study these units of work:

  • Visions of Life
  • Christianity
  • Islam

Students consider characters such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King and evaluate their impact on society and history.

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Year 8

Year 8 study the following units of work

  • Hinduism
  • Moral Issues- considering varying attitudes on animal rights, genetic engineering, wealth and poverty and the environment. Enabling students to understand different religious and non-religious perspectives.
  • Judaism

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Year 9

In Year 9 students study the following units:-

  • Jewish response to the Holocaust - students consider how the Holocaust affected Jewish family life and faith in god. The main aim of this unit is the development of empathy, tolerance and respect for others
  • Religion in the Modern World - students consider the place of religion in the modern world. They evaluate and interpret the effect the media has on attitudes to religion and discover the influence of religion in areas of teenage interest such as music, TV, film, fashion and sport.

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All students follow Edexcel full and short course RS. Units studied include:-

  • Matters of life and Death
    • Abortion, euthanasia, life after death
  • Community Cohesion
    • Racism, sexism, Britain as a multi-faith society
  • Marriage and family life
    • Weddings, divorce, family Life
  • Believing in God
    • Reasons for theism, atheism and agnosticism
  • Religion and the media
    • Religious and moral issues in soap operas, drama and film

Each unit is studied from a Christian and Muslim perspective.

Have a look at the GCSE options booklet for more up to date information.

A Level RS - Philosophy & Ethics

Topics for study

AS Level

  • Religion & Science -Origins of the universe, when do religion & science clash? Can they be reconciled?
  • Miracles - are they real? How do we explain them? Can we trust accounts of miracles?
  • Design Argument – examining criticisms and support for the argument

Visual Arts

  • Examine religious themes in modern film (e.g. the Truman show).
  • Why are religious themes in fiction still popular?
  • Does comedy have a negative attitude to religion and vice versa?
  • Does popular TV trivialise religion?

A2 Level

  • The relationship between reason and faith
  • Religious language
  • Body, soul and personal identity
  • The problem of evil

Visual Arts

  • Issues in portraying Religious Leaders
  • Portrayal of the divine and the eternal