At Gateacre School, we aim to achieve standards of excellence in all areas of school life including appearance.

Please do not purchase any item that is not in line with our uniform expectations, as outlined below.

Download the Uniform Guide For Parents which includes our uniform expectations of what is and isn't allowed, shoes guide, and where to buy our Uniform/PE Kit   click here button



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Boys/Girls. Black school trousers, must be full length and not made from any fabric other than standard trouser fabric.



No jeans, denim, leggings, jeggings or stretchy material. No flares, no skinny style or tight trousers. Tights are never acceptable trousers.

                  5                         6


Smart, plain black school skirt or pinafore. Knee Length. If tights are worn they must be at least 40 denier.   

             100Picture2 Copy                   101

Skirts must be plain black, not tight or clingy and NOT shorter than knee length. Skirts must NOT be above the knee. Must NOT be made of Lycra or stretchy material.

Picture9         unsuitable pencil skirt


White shirt with top button and collar. Top button must be fastened and shirt must be tucked in, all the way round.


No t-shirts, football shirts under the school shirt.



House Tie must be worn with the crest showing and top button of shirt done up.


Ties must be fastened correctly.



Only bare subtle make-up is allowed.


 Heavy or obvious make-up or coloured lipstick, eyeshadow will have to be removed once seen. No nail varnish, false nails, false eye lashes or lipstick for any year group.





 Other than a watch, no jewellery may be worn, apart from one small pair of plain studs.


No nose studs, rings or facial piercings. All excess jewellery must be removed. Pupils who repeatedly breach the rules will have it confiscated and parents/carers will have to pick it up.

16   17       18


 Hairbands and headscarves/clips must be plain black.


 No patterns to be cut into hair. No unnatural vivid colours. No bows.

20        22     Picture5



Shoes must be plain all black, leather, professional business-like POLISH-ABLE shoes, either slip-on or lace-up. Boys' shoes must be plain, black shoes. No logos. No colours.

Examples of acceptable shoes below: (particularly popular styles circled in green)

 boys shoes 17

Girls' shoes must be plain black, flat shoes.  girls shoes 17



No trainers. No canvas shoes or sports shoes or pumps. No high heels or boots. No stripes, logos, emblems, colours or coloured soles. No metal or plastic logos or tags.  No metal or plastic bars in or through laces. 

banned girls 17banned boys 17


Student should bring to school a suitable school bag big enough to carry A4 books/folder and PE kit, School Planner, school books and at least one pen, pencil, ruler and rubber.
Students must come to school equipped fully with planner, pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, plastic pencil case.


Unsuitable bags. 
3940 41 42


Sensible, waterproof coats. All coats should be removed as soon as students enter the building.

Coats must not be worn once inside the school building.

Caps, Hoodies and hats are not permitted and must not be worn under any circumstances. They will be confiscated.

           43     44

Uniform Suppliers

Gateacre School Uniform, PE kit and ties can be purchased in shop from Fitwell, Belle Vale Shopping Centre, Liverpool L25 2RG. Tel: 0151 734 2546



Other suppliers of our basic uniform items (excluding PE Kit) can also be purchased alternatively from Trutex Schoolwear, 48 London Road, Liverpool L3 Tel: 0151 709 7009


Rationale for School Uniform


If all students wear a clearly recognisable uniform, it is easy to identify strangers. On the way to and from school it also affords a degree of safety as the students are part of a large body of young people who will look out for each other.

Ready to Work

Putting on uniform is a signal you are going to work hard and learn.

Raising Aspirations

Students have told us that if they look smart they will have more self-belief and achieve more.

A Sense of Pride

Uniform and team kits help our students to demonstrate pride in their school.

Preparation for the Future

Many jobs require staff to wear a uniform or there is often a dress code. Uniform helps young people get used to dressing to a prescribed standard and know the difference between formal and informal dress.

Relieves Students from Fashion Stress

Uniform eliminates the stress placed on students to purchase and wear expensive, fashionable items.

Value for Money

Uniform is a relatively inexpensive way of dressing young people for school.



Sixth Form Dress Code

For our 6th Form Dress Code click here.


Swap Shop

During the school holidays (except the Christmas break) we offer a Uniform Swap Shop service. We want to provide parents with the opportunity to swap worn out, outgrown uniform for donated uniform items by other Gateacre School families for a small donation to the PTFA.

If you have any uniform items you wish to donate, please drop them off to our school reception.