Uniform - What is and isn't allowed

Dear Parents/Carers

Gateacre School Uniform

At Gateacre School we place an emphasis of pride in our community. A visible indication of this is in the standard of students’ uniform. I am writing to thank you for your help and ask for your support in our continued drive for consistency.

Please read below to clarify what the uniform should be, in accordance with our Behaviour Policy, to ensure that your son/daughter is fully prepared and arrives in correct uniform. This information is also set out in our School Uniform booklet, the Parent Handbook and available on the website.

We believe firmly that if our students are smartly dressed in a uniform consistent with school policy, they will be prepared for work in the classroom. Please do not purchase any item that is not in line with uniform expectations, as outlined below.

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Boys/Girls. Black school trousers



Not Allowed: denim trousers, trousers with rivets, trousers with a low waist, trousers made of any stretchy material, trousers that are tight below the knee, skinny style trousers, trousers made of any fabric other than standard school trouser fabric, leggings/jeggings, thick tights used as trousers, trousers that are not full length and any trousers that follow a current trend.



Smart, plain black school skirt. Knee Length. If tights are worn they must be at least 40 denier.


NO pencil skirts. Skirts must NOT be above the knee, not tight or clingy. Must NOT be made of Lycra or stretchy material.



White shirt with top button and collar. Top button must be fastened and shirt must be tucked in, all the way round.
No t-shirts, football shirts under the school shirt.


House Tie must be worn with the crest showing and top button of shirt done up.
Ties must be fastened correctly.


 Only bare subtle make-up is allowed.


 Heavy or obvious make-up or coloured lipstick, eyeshadow will have to be removed once seen. No nail varnish, false nails, false eye lashes or lipstick for any year group.





 Other than a watch, no jewellery may be worn, apart from one small pair of plain studs.


 No nose studs, rings or facial piercings. All excess jewellery must be removed. Pupils who repeatedly breach the rules will have it confiscated and parents/carers will have to pick it up.

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 Hairbands and headscarves/clips must be plain black.
 No patterns to be cut into hair.

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 Shoes must be plain all black, leather, professional business-like shoes, either slip-on or lace-up. Please also see Acceptable Shoe guide.
Boys' shoes must be plain, black shoes. No logos. No colours.


Girls' shoes must be plain black, flat shoes.


 No trainers, canvas shoes or sports shoes or pumps. No high heels or boots. No stripes, logos, emblems, colours or coloured soles. No metal or plastic logos, metal or plastic bars in or through laces. No tags, flowers or coloured bows.

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In addition, we consider our uniform to include a suitable school bag big enough to carry an A4 book/folder and PE kit, School Planner, school books and at least one pen, pencil, ruler and rubber.

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Unsuitable bags.

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Sensible, waterproof coats should be removed as soon as students enter the building.
Hoodies and hats are not permitted and must not be worn under any circumstances. They will be confiscated.

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