Vertical Tutoring

At Gateacre School we follow a Vertical Tutoring House system through Years 7 to 11.


What is Vertical Tutoring?

Vertical Tutoring is a way of tapping into and encouraging learning relationships which can improve the overall performance of individuals and the whole school. It allows creative conversations across the full age range which reflects society.

  • 6 Houses with a Head of House, Assistant Heads of House, House Administrator
  • 22-24 students per Tutor Group of mixed ages
  • 8 Tutor Groups per House
  • Academic Tutor stays with their group from Year 7-11
  • Siblings remain together in the same House
  • Variety of Tutor Group activities involving mixed ages


Why Vertical Tutoring?

  • Learning in an environment which truly reflects the society
  • Give the level and type of support and relationships which reflects that of their own families and world of work
  • Allow students to observe the school journey through others
  • Accelerate maturity of students through taking responsibility and developing leadership roles
  • Develop confidence in all students to interact and engage with students of different ages
  • Reduction in bullying through more supportive roles within Houses
  • Reduce the adoption of age related stereotypical behaviours
  • Instilling House values, stronger House ethos, caring and nurturing of each other
  • Encourage students to become positive role models for each other and remove negative behaviours


What is in it for students?

  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Improved learning
  • Peer Mentoring opportunities
  • Mature friendships
  • Closer and more consistent school/home support
  • Better active citizenship/role models
  • Increased leadership opportunities
  • High quality Academic Tutoring and mentoring