Sixth Form

A message from our Head Boy and Girl

For everyone that comes to Gateacre, you already know the quality of the teaching and how easy it is to learn if you’re prepared to work. The teachers at Gateacre are dedicated, supportive and more importantly, down to earth. They are more than willing to go above and beyond what is required of them for their students and have nothing but our best interests at heart.

School life in Sixth Form is completely different to being lower down the school. Teachers grasp that you are no longer a child and treat you as such, sixth formers are given privileges that aren’t available lower down the school for example being able to leave at lunch and having free periods in which to study, trust is built up between pupils and teachers which makes Sixth Form more enjoyable and more laid back.

From a personal point of view, if you come to Gateacre already, the best option is to stay at Gateacre. The teachers know who you are, how you work and are able to develop an even greater knowledge of how to support you on your route to success. Many people who came to Gateacre during GCSE’s who we know, moved to colleges or alternative sixth forms and immediately regretted it, saying they felt strange coming into a new environment in which they didn’t know teachers or pupils, encouraging them to move back to Gateacre.

Teachers in Gateacre actually care for pupils on a personal level and to do everything they can to ensure your success. This is shown by the amount of help pupils receive in their UCAS university application forms, teachers with expertise and years experience in this process are able to help and encourage students to get their applications sent in order to have a better chance of receiving offers back from universities thus increasing the likelihood of success.

Cieron Byrne and Meghan Skillen

Gateacre Sixth Form offers an excellent transition from the experience of compulsory education to the demands of the outside world and higher education, training and employment. There are plenty of people on hand to support you in making the right decision for your situation.

We want to extend an invitation to all students in Year 11 and their parents to consider very carefully all we have to offer to those who wish to continue with their education in the Sixth Form here at Gateacre. We are extremely proud of the contribution that our Sixth Formers make to the life of the school: the effort that they put into their studies, the example that they set to younger students and the wide variety of charity and community projects they undertake.

There is a great deal of choice and variety in the courses of study that young people can follow in our Sixth Form including A-Levels, vocational qualifications and resit GCSEs. Our aim is to make the Sixth Form accessible to all those who wish to enrol and are committed to working hard and attending reliably. If we cannot find the right combination of courses for any individual, we can also direct him or her to our collaborative partners in this part of the city. For several years now, Gateacre has had one of the most successful Sixth Forms in the city in terms of academic performance and achieving places at University.

We know that success will continue in the excellent learning environment offered by our school. This is supported by an excellent programme of advice and guidance offered to all the students to help steer them through the many choices and opportunities they will have now and in the future.